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Event Time: 16th November, 2021 - 16th November, 2021

We have invited 500 of our PRAN platinum dealer for a conference. We have titled our conference ‘Partner of Progress’ tagline - একসাথে একপথে. It was a 3-day long program started from 2nd November to 4th November at Coxs Bazar.

The objective of the conference were to discuss our progression of business after the pandemic. We have also discussed how we have achieved previous success in our business. The purpose of the conference were also to build a better partnership among our dealers and management and how we can join together in the success of PRAN. We no longer want to call them dealers, rather we will call them PARTNERS. Our respected CEO Ahsan Khan Chowdhury and MD Eleash Mridha were present among other higher officials. We carried out various events to entertain our partners and guests. Among the events included

i) Raffle Draw

ii) Cultural Show

iii) Gifts for Motivation

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