Potato Project

PABL potato project, Birol, Dinajpur was started in 2015. At that time, there were 750 contract farmers and 600 acres of land. It was a remarkable day in PRAN history.

A wide range of unique potato varieties with effective resistance, strong variety characteristics, and a high yield has become a valuable product for both the Bangladeshi farmer and the consumer. Although PAL has been exporting potato varieties to Bangladesh for decades, in the last few years, PAL has been introducing its Next Generation Potato varieties there as well. Naturally, the seed potatoes PAL supplies in Bangladesh are fully certified.

The potato varieties Alouette, Levante, Twinner, Diamant, Courage, and Sunshine are shown underneath with their most important characteristics:


  • Uniform tuber size

  • High tuberization

  • Good storability


  • Large tubers

  • Beautiful appearance

  • Late blight disease resistance in foliage and tuber


  • Excellent frying quality

  • Good virus resistances

  • Good heat tolerance


  • Late blight disease resistance in foliage and tuber, no need to spray fungicide

  • 40-50% less urea needed

  • Good tolerance for bruising

  • Good drought tolerance