Supplier Care

Our native farmer is our supplier. We collect major portions of our raw materials from them. We give values to their activities. Most of our farmers were deprived of proper price for their produces. We have been helping them to overcome this situation by practicing contract farming. Now we are the pioneer and the largest contract manufacturer in Bangladesh. We care our suppliers in the following ways:

  • By providing them good seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc.
  • By providing financial supports.
  • By providing proper information about what to produce more and what to produce less.
  • By collecting their produces in right time and storing them.
  • By collecting raw materials directly/right from them and saving them from middle men.
  • By creating a huge demand of our farmers’ products both in nationally and globally.
  • By ensuring proper price for their produces.
Company at a Glance

Corporate Headquarters

PRAN-RFL Center,
105 Progoti Sarani
Middle Badda
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Food Processing


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