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PRAN honors Ethiopian importer

PRAN arranges grand reception for Mr. Yonathan Hambissa for playing vital role to import PRAN products to Ethiopia. Mizanur Rahman, chief of PRAN exports Ltd handed over the welcome crest to Yonathan Hambissa, owner of Yoha International Trading of Ethiopia at PRAN-RFL Center in the capital today.
Mizanur Rahman informed PRAN exporting products to Ethiopia since 2012. Presently PRAN is exporting products to 102 countries worldwide. Juice and beverage, chanachur, jhalmuri, crackers, snacks, spice, mustard oil, pickle, jam-jelly and others product are mainly exported to those countries. PRAN achieved national export trophy for last 10 consecutive years for playing vital role on strengthening national economy through exporting products from Bangladesh, he added.
Yonathan Hambissa informed, PRAN products are very much popular among Ethiopian people. He also informed PRAN products are available at different superstore and global super chain shops in Ethiopia. He expressed his pleasure for doing business with PRAN.
Mr. Arifur Rahman head of export marketing, high officials of sales and marketing of PRAN Exports Limited were also present on the occasion.

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