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New Export Opportunity in Africa
PRAN signs 3 lac dollar deal to export juice in Sierra Leon.”

In many countries of Africa the demand of our processed food product are immensely increasing. Thinking about this huge opportunity, country’s largest juice processor and manufacturer PRAN is assessing the option to build a production plant in Africa and communicating with governments for their approval.
A decade back PRAN had taken a huge project to expand business in and around many parts of Africa. For UN peace projects and the participation of Bangladesh army in Sierra Leon Bangladesh is already very popular among the people. PRAN has also gained popularity among the people of Sierra Leon.
As a first Bangladeshi company PRAN start exporting in Sierra Leon 5 years ago. This year they have signed a new 3 lac dollar deal. In the signing ceremony at PRAN-RFL Center PRAN’s chief of export Mr. Mizanur Rahman and Mr. Ndereh Enterprises director Mr. Alpha Mayatu Bah signed on behalf of their respective organizations.
Not just in Sierra leon, PRAN products has got good popularity in Benin, Gambia, Nizar, Liberia, Togo, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal and some other African countries also. Under this deal PRAN will export 3 lac dollar worth of product in 2013. In future the amount will be increased significantly, both parties agreed on that.
The Deputy Managing Director of PRAN-RFL Group Mr. Ahsan Khan Chowdhury said, “We are exporting in Sierra Leon from 2007. And the demands for quality food products are gradually increasing in the world market.”
He added, “As a quality food products manufacturer PRAN’s products are getting popularity as well. Not only we are exporting in Africa, but also we are regularly selling our products in Europe and Middle East comprising 5 continents and 108 countries. Very soon some more countries will be added to that list.”
PRAN has employed more than 1000 people worldwide to monitor PRAN’s overseas operations. For Extra ordinary performance in Export PRAN has been awarded with the National Export Trophy for 9 consecutive years.
PRAN Export’s African desk manager Mr. Ehsanul Haque Sidique, Export Brand Manager Mr. Arifur Rahman was among others present in the ceremony. PRAN has awarded Mr. Alpha Mayatu Bah for his excellent performance in promoting PRAN products in Sierra Leon.

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