Our Inception:

We, Bangladeshi are blessed with a climate ideally suited to agriculture, specially fruits and vegetables-rich in taste and flavor: sweet, mellow and juicy.

Our deltaic plains are among the most fertile in the world created and drained by the mighty rivers-the Padma, Jamuna & Meghna. There is plenty of water and farming is a way of life to our people.

Our comparative advantage as an economy lies in agriculture. We believe the way to economic prosperity is through agro-business.

PRAN is in testimony to our convictions. It stands for: “Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally” or in Bangla "প্রগতি রূপায়নে অগ্রণী নবোদ্যম"

PRAN is Bangladesh’s largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. Our contract growers cultivate the choosy fruits and vegetables which are processed in our modern and hygienic factories to highest quality & international standards.

Company at a Glance

Corporate Headquarters

PRAN-RFL Center,
105 Progoti Sarani
Middle Badda
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


Food Processing


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