Discover Export Market:

In global market, we truly strive to exceed ourselves every year. Therefore, we are growing like anything in whichever market we operate. To accelerate continuous growth, we already set up a production plant in India and production has already been started.

In many countries, especially USA (NY), Australia, UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, India, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Somalia we have got our own sales and distribution network equipped with full fledged office. With office, warehouse, distribution vehicles, sales force, & other sophisticated supports, we are extremely aggressive to be the market leader in each and every category we operate.

Last but not the least; along with existing presence in African, Asian & European markets, we eagerly look forward to having a stronger and more vibrant presence in every corners of global market.

Export at a Glance

Export Inception


First Export Country


Total Export Countries


Total Customer Reach

1500 million (approx)
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