Promises To The People

To Consumer:

We care for our consumers’ need and satisfaction. Through our communication activities, we let our consumer know about the benefits of our products and innovations. Our approach is to do responsible marketing and have four clearly defined principles that guide our communications:

  1. We aim at building trust through clear communication.
  2. We fully support consumers’ right to know what is in our products and we are transparent in terms of ingredients. We provide clear communication about our product ingredients, date of expire, nutrition values, etc.
  3. We support our consumers by listening their suggestion, claims or feedback through use of a combination of channels which include websites and care line phone numbers, etc to reduce any kind of misconception.
  4. We provide clear price communication.

To Employee:

Equal opportunities are given to both male and female candidates irrespective of race, religions, culture etc.

Selection is done based on merits and qualifications. Everyone has got clear-cut job descriptions and got equal opportunity to contribute and share their ideas and thoughts to grow in the company.

Employees are rewarded with salary, commission and incentives as per standards. Workers and staffs are provided with free and subsidized food from the factory and office cafeterias.

Employees’ health and hygiene are taken out most care with full time adequate numbers of Doctors, nurses and other medical supports.

To develop the human skills, both on the jobs and off the jobs trainings are constantly being provided to all the workers and staffs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooking Training Program

Hajj Program

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