Promises To The Community

Dairy Development:

  • To develop the dairy industry in Bangladesh, PRAN has started Dairy Hub operations in Bangladesh at its own cost where we are organizing farmers, counseling for raring of dairy and providing cattle food, Artificial Insemination and other veterinary support to the farmers to increase the dairy yields.

Education Development:

  • PRAN is promoting education and supporting several schools in their operations improving the salary of the teachers and staffs, providing books, arranging special coaching for the students.

Other Social Support:

  • Helping Mosque, Temple and Churches.
  • Working together with Red crescent.
  • Collecting and donating blood.
  • Working for the disabled.
  • Working with ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN’.
  • Helping the community in natural calamities.
  • Providing Airport Support for the Hajj Pilgrims every year from Bangladesh to KSA.

We are a business entity. We care for the Environment, Natural resources, community and for the employee who works with us. We feel, we are doing well to the society while running our business profitably.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Art Competition

Blood Donation

Science Fair

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