Corporate Social Responsibility

The idea of corporate social responsibility is being widely promoted all over the world and rightly so. Here is a corporate whose corporate mission embodies in itself corporate social responsibilities with the additional compulsion to make profits in order to thrive and grow which it must to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in greater measure as time passes. PRAN has a bifocal objective of making profits through the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities.

PRAN-RFL is a concept: away to fight poverty & hunger in Bangladesh in the shortest possible time through employment generation.

PRAN signifies investment in agro processing: creating demands for farm produce which create jobs in rural areas also preventing urban migration. PRAN’s aim to add value to agricultural harvest.

Bangladesh’s comparative advantage lies in creating a competitive edge in value added agricultural products. This is what PRAN stands for.

The Group’s major achievement has been trying to consolidate fragmented land holdings and organizing farmers into ‘contract growers’ of specific crops for consumption in PRAN’s major processed products. With the elimination of the middlemen, farmers receive fare prices for their products and due to technical assistance from the agro-processing industry; yields, quality and income have risen considerably. Poverty alleviation through profitable enterprises is now a reachable goal for many farmers. This resolution is perhaps PRAN’s greatest achievement.

We know that the success of our business relies on a healthy environment. We’re doing all we can to be good a steward of our planet’s resources.

Our CSR effort revolves around the four premises i.e. Environment, Energy Preservation, Community & People to improve the quality of livelihood:

    Community forestation: In different locations around Bangladesh, we are planting trees to save our GREEN PLANET. ... More >>

    We use:
    SKY-Light Roof to utilize daylight during factory operation. ... More >>

    Promises TO THE PEOPLE
    To Consumer:
    We care for our consumers’ need and satisfaction. Through our communication activities, we let our consumer know about the benefits of our products and innovations. ... More >>

    Dairy Development:
    • To develop the dairy industry in Bangladesh, PRAN has started Dairy Hub operations in Bangladesh at its own cost were we are organizing farmers, counseling for raring of dairy & providing cattle feed, Artificial Insemination and other veterinary support to the farmers to increase the dairy yields. ...
    More >>

Corporate Social Responsibility

PRAN-RFL Group donate TK 5 lac to Nursing Faculty of BSMMU


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